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responsive web design

In the field of Web design and development, we’re approaching the point of being unable to keep up with the all the new devices, different screen sizes, and resolutions. For many businesses, creating a different website version for each resolution and new device would be nearly impossible, or at least impractical. Do we have to endure the loss of visitors from one device, for the benefit of gaining visitors from another? Or is there another option?

Responsive Web Design seems to be the answer in most cases. In fact we could call 2013 the Year of Responsive Design.  Let us help your business become flexible and “responsive” to all the technology that we are getting bombarded with.

Maybe your business already has a responsive site or you are happy with what you have currently.   Depending on the needs of your business a Mobile App may be the way for you to boost your business.  Keep your customers engaged with Mobile Apps that can offer them services that will keep them spending more money and time with your brand and services.

Whatever your needs are when considering boosting your online presence, we have a solution and the talent to get the job done.  From Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing Campaigns, Photography, and Video Production.


Intelligence without ambition

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Salvador Dali

Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design (RWD) is the approach aimed at designing websites to provide an optimal viewing experience. Delivering the best user experience by giving an ease of reading and navigation without having to resize, pan, and scroll across a wide range of devices from smartphones, tablets, car displays, to laptops, desktops, and TVs.

How does it work?

In non-technical term, it means that whenever your site is visited, it detects what device is being used, along with the screen size, and resizes everything to the right proportions to the screen before it is loaded. Obviously there’s a lot more to it than that but that’s basically what’s happening.

Four Reasons Why You Should Have a Responsive Site

1. It is Cost Effective

Rather than having to pay to develop another site to use for other devices that may have a larger or smaller screen, you’re already ready for whatever new devices that may enter the market. Since most companies hire and pay developers to take care of their website, it is a good idea to invest in something like a responsive website than can be functional in the long term.

2. It offers the Best User Experience

When using responsive web design, the website offers the user the same functionality that a regular website would have. When the website gets an update, the responsive website also receives the same update so you only have one site to maintain across multiple platforms.

3. Prepares your business for the Future

There are so many new devices emerging in the consumer market, its hard to keep up. With a responsive site your business will be ready for the next “New Thing”.

4. Multi-Channel Content Strategy

Since responsive websites act like a normal website, content management can be handle from one source but displayed in many different ways. One can easily share contents found on your site to other areas such as social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. This strategy increases your target audience thus increase the traffic your website can get.

All the user needs is a browser, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues like you may have with a mobile site and specific device types and varying screen sizes. More importantly SEO efforts are maximized when you are using a responsive website since it is recommended by Google; providing excellent experience across different devices and screen sizes.

Times have changed.
The way people search for products and services online have changed drastically. In the past couple years mobile device sales have EXCEEDED tradition desktop and laptop sales. We are to a point where there will soon be super computers or pocket servers that are the size of a smartphone. We live in a society of “Immediate Satisfaction” People are on the go constantly and want their information NOW! If you have a website that does not render properly on WHATEVER device they are using, chances are, they are going to leave your site!

That’s where we come in….Let us design your next website to give your users the best experience interacting with your business no matter where they are.

Mobile App Development

With this influx of mobile apps available and being consumed, you may be asking yourself,

“Does my company need a mobile app?”

Apple’s App Store numbers in June 2013 were at 900,000 (375,000 native to iPad). Android apps in Google Play are toppling the 1,000,000 mark in July 2013, that’s twice as many apps available 1 year ago this time. This explains how Google Play has managed to deliver more than 50 million downloads to Android phones and tablet users since 2008. Window’s App Store has fallen short in the shear numbers of apps available with hitting over 100,000 apps available. Now with that said it took Apple 16 months to get to 100,000 apps while Microsoft has been able to do it in less than 1 year. You will see a lot more apps for Windows 8 in the near future, with new devices like the Nokia Lumia 1120 out boasting a 41 megapixel camera….people will switch to Windows 8 just because of the device’s camera!


Here at Trandestined, we specialize in developing Native Mobile Apps whether for Android, IPhone, or IPad for Your Business. There are many aspects of your business to consider when deciding what the best fit for your situation is. Feel free to Contact US to spark up a discussion on what your business’s goals are, who your audience is, and how we can help deliver the most benefit to your business.

For more information to help you decide what’s best for you check out our article on Responsive Websites vs. Mobile Apps Which Is Best For Me?

Social Media Marketing | Trandestined

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – Whether you have local or online business selling products or services; everry business’s most cost effective way of getting an online presence is through social media marketing.  Having a Facebook fan page is great way of staying in touch, engaged with your current customers, and reach out to get new customers.

Stick to your specialty, if that is running a restaurant, or If your business or brand needs help coming up with a marketing strategy, ad campaign, giveaway contests, or social media management for your Facebook fan page, CONTACT US

Industries | Responsive Design & Mobile App

Here at Trandestined Productions, we are here to serve you and help build your online presence, No matter what industry you may be in.

Here are just a few features that we can incorporate with your new Responsive Site or Mobile App built by Trandestined. We are definitely not limited to this type of functionality shown below….these are just small examples. If you are needing other specific functionality please CONTACT US and we can see how we can help

Sample Features and Functionality

DJs and Musicians
Youtube & Vimeo Support

Embed Videos directly from your favourite video websites like Vimeo or Youtube & show off your Creativity.

For those wanting to promote their own music or their artists music on their site we can integrate with SoundCloud and iTunes. Show off your talent and have all the features of these platforms at your users fingertips. If you sell your tunes from either one of these places you can do the same right here on your site.

Sound Cloud Integration

sound cloud integration

Sound Cloud Integration

Restaurants, Bars, Night Clubs
Promote Your Events
Promote your businesses events and even send notifications of upcoming events and times.
Open Table Integration
Open Table Integration
Customers can make Live Reservations Online via your website, Facebook Fan Page, or mobile app when we integrate Open Table to it. A great way to set your reservations on autopilot! Subscription to Open Table is required.

Loyalty Programs
We’re quickly reaching the point where customers expect loyalty rewards even from small, local businesses. Total loyalty program memberships are now over two billion in the aggregate, with total redemptions nearing $50 billion. Offering a loyalty program is pretty much par for the course, now, and is an easy way to gain an edge on your competition. Passing on one is an easy way to leave a space open for your competitors to gain an edge on you. Check out our article further explaining the benefits of a Loyalty Program Click Here

Mobile Food Ordering
food ordering
Your customers can order food through your new mobile app for delivery or takeout.
Push Notification Features
Send Push Notification via your mobile app, whether by using Geo Locations to send out offers when customers are within a given radius of your business, or send out information when you need to. Allows you to communicate with your most engaged uses at anytime. Read our blog article on the benefits of Push Notifications Here
Give your customers incentive to Check-in at your business by offering them special mobile coupons for doing so.

Flickr Integration

Flickr Integration

Flickr Integration

Custom Slide Shows that are Touch Responsive

Car Dealers
Let us develop your web presence with a Responsive Website that will render properly on any device while maintaining the same look and feel of your desktop site. Don’t lose out on a sale by not being responsive to mobile devices.

We can create a complete Content Management System to manage your content and your complete inventory with ease. Partnering with VINQuery.com, you can enter a VIN number and populate all the Features of a vehicle without entering in anything but the VIN.

If you’ve got one of those “cookie cutter” sites that looks like everyone else’s and want to Step Your Game Up, Get ahold of us! You will very pleasantly surprised at the price we can build you an entirely new site that will give your business a high class, top notch look and feel. When buying a car people want a great experience from the buying process, from the time they are looking online to the actual face to face part of the sale. If you don’t make the best first impression online you may never see them face to face to make the sale!

Give your business the sleek and professional look and feel by giving your online presence an overhaul.

Non for Profits/Churches

Those who donot want to

imitate anything,

produce nothing.

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