Mayweather vs Canelo Fight Sept. 14, 2013

Mayweather vs Canelo Fight Showtime Boxing Sept. 14, 2013.

This has got to be one of the most highly anticipated match up of the decade!

mayweather vs canelo fight

As a fan of both fighters, but rooting for the Red Headed Mexican, I’ve been waiting for this match up to finally get here and so have all the other fans. You know Alverez will have all of Mexico on his side, and with his pride for his country he is fighting for his people. Both are undefeated in their careers Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. (44-0, 26 KOs) and Canelo Alverez(42-0-1, 30 KOs). Canelo being the younger of the two boxers, with the power and size on Mayweather has become an international sensation. Starting his professional career at the age 15, he too has a lot of experience…but is he the one that will FINALLY end Floyd’s reign of being the world’s greatest Pound for Pound boxer?

Nobody has done it yet and Mayweather is confident as usual that Alverez or anyone else can’t beat him…Period! Both from the outside looking in seem to be very different people from how they live and act in and out of the ring, but come Sept. 14, 2013, 1 man will remain undefeated and crowned the New King of Boxing!

I personally haven’t been excited about boxing in a long time…. until now! This fight is what the fans have been waiting for! Canelo will say that Floyd’s influence has allowed him to pick and choose his opponents throughout his career. Yet Mayweather has fought and defeated tens of Champion Boxers in his career and defeated them all.

Is Canelo at the young age of 23 ready for this challenge?

Who do you think will win this fight? Who are YOU going to cheer for?

Floyd Mayweather Canelo Alverez fight
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